Wrap 360 Dusk Mask

Wrap 360 is the latest wave in dust masks with a filter system you can adjust to the level of work. The Wrap 360 is a washable face mask that wraps around your head and attaches in the back to cover your nose and mouth, as well as your ears to help prevent dust from entering the ear canal and reducing chances of ear infections. The inner pocket compartment that covers your nose and mouth has a removable filter with a thermal insulating material, providing a barrier to keep out toxins and contaminants. One or more filters can be used as needed. Wrap 360 is light weight and can also be used as a neck warmer when cold. It is available in a wide array of colors.


Toxins and Contaminants

Facemasks are useful in a number of different toxin situations, including air filtration, blocking foreign particles from contacting skin and thermal insulation. In everyday use for air filtration, face masks can be used to filter out dust or allergens, particularly in certain areas where air pollution is prevalent. In some countries it is not uncommon to see people in public wearing surgical-type face masks in public places such as airports and streets. Additionally, it is not uncommon to see people who may be ill with transmittable airborne pathogens wearing surgical masks in public under doctor’s orders.

The overall aesthetic effect of the use of such masks in public may be disconcerting to others and cause problems for those who wish to use such masks and those around them.

In addition to the use of face masks for air filtration, face masks are often used in colder climates to cover a significant portion of the front, back and sides of the face and neck for comfort and in order to prevent frostbite. These facemasks may be used at sporting events, construction sites or during participation in winter sports such as skiing. However, conventional facemasks do not filter airborne contaminants.

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